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Governor of the Russia's Kaliningrad Blames Philosopher Immanuel Kant for Ukraine War (www.themoscowtimes.com)

The governor of western Russia's Kaliningrad region blamed the 18th-century German enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant for the outbreak of war in Ukraine. “He is directly related to the military conflict in Ukraine,” Anton Alikhanov, who governs the western exclave of Kaliningrad, said Friday at a local political science...

Russia could disqualify candidate hoping to stand against Putin over 'errors' in his bid for presidential election (www.lemonde.fr)

Boris Nadezhdin, 60, sparked queues all over Russia in January when supporters submitted signatures so he could be registered as an official candidate in the presidential election. On Wednesday, he handed in more than the 100,000 required signatures to the Central Election Commission, which is expected to rule next week on...

TadeuszBonawentura ,

They saw how it ended in Belarus in 2020 and don't wanna repeat.

TadeuszBonawentura ,

Mamoru Oshii studied in christian school and in his personal works of the late 80 and 90s he exploits many religious and philosophical themes. His surreal 'Angels Egg' full of biblical symbolism. Also his full length 'Ghost in the Shell' movies are definitely fulfilled with christian motives.
I'd also recommend Satoshi Kon's 'Tokyo Godfathers'. It is wonderful Christmas story with Dickens motives and wonderful Kon's visuals.
In my opinion, Yasuhiro Yoshiura's 'Eve no Jikan' have obvious reminiscence. I mean, androids as a persecuted minority with digital limbs above their heads is quite literal.
While Watanabe's "Sakamichi no Apollon' not christian per se, religious background of two of the main characters plays big role in plot.
And, speaking about elephant in the room, 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.

TadeuszBonawentura ,

@ZekuZelalem is investigating journalist with focus on countries of African Horn

@rachelstrohm Rachel Strohm interesting links on news of the African continent

@thecontinent Pan-African weekly newspaper

@maximedwards OSINT journalist

@MinCzifra political analyst with focus on post-soviet countries and regions of Russia

@anneapplebaum Anne Applebaum

@Bellingcat Bellingcat

@tonimichel_ Researcher of domestic politics of post-soviet countries

@Odrachewych Historian of 20th C international relations, USSR, communism in global/transnational frameworks

@GreatDismal William Gibson

@annaleen Sci-fi author and journalist for New Scentist, The Atlantic etc

@nsousanis Nick Sousanis, an author of Unflattening, academic work in comic form

@stoicmike Artist and epigramist

@ComicBookProgressive Comics collectioner, which shares gems and wonders of collection he have

@fill ukrainian cartoon artist

@NancyComicsSDF Classic Nancy comics

TadeuszBonawentura ,

Hi! Appreciate your works! So, talking about this place. Welcome to another corner of fediverse. and are federated forum platforms which work like Reddit but on principles similar to or . That's why we can talk together here by being on different platforms. Magic of federation!

TadeuszBonawentura ,

They said, Tumblr is working to implement ActivityPub too, so sooner or later they'll also take part on this party.

Rant on crunchyroll

How tf is it possible that there is no quality selector on tv app but there is one on pc and mobile. Why is it that on tv crunchyroll buffers so much ( and i checked my internet connection was fine ). Why tf there is still so many region locked content. I want to watch legend of galactic Heroes and not play games wondering which...

TadeuszBonawentura ,

Nah, after the merger with Funimation, they looks like monopoly in anime streaming. Aside of Netflix there is really no much choice. I could remember only RetroCrush, but they are in now way the competitors to Crunchyroll.

TadeuszBonawentura ,

Ukraine is occupied. They want their people and their territories been freed. How insane should be to call right to defend and liberation an attack!?

TadeuszBonawentura ,

At 2020 debates I rooted for Elizabeth Warren. I live on the other side of the world and know nothing about american politics, but still think she would've been great president.

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