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Some autistic people experience meltdowns or shutdowns.

When I get overstimulated I tend to shutdown.

If you experience either of these, or both, which is more prevalent for you?


image: @introvertdoodles
info: Kate Gaster

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  • housingbenefits ,

    @autism101 @actuallyautistic rage and punch a hole in a wall

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    Quick heads up: Melbourne's Public Transport Users Association is now posting videos on Mastodon.

    If you want some interesting short form transport advocacy clips in your Masto feed, make sure you follow the PTUA @ptua 😊


    eighty ,

    that 404 joke was spot on

    faab64 , to palestine

    This is quiet extreme.

    It reminds me of the munk who set himself on fire during US invasion of Vietnam. Or the street vendor in Tunisia who ignited the Arab spring.

    But I have never heard of an American performing such self sacrifice inside or outside united states.


    LALegault , avatar

    @faab64 @Ragamuffin @palestine

    And what do you want to bet Americans who are not on social media will ever hear about it?

    Uair , avatar

    @faab64 @palestine

    I'm suspicious. The poster doesn't know how to spell "monk". I say give this one some time. If it's legit, it'll pop up all over the place soon enough. Autoimmolations don't happen every day.

    SceNtriC , to ksiazki Polish avatar

    Dzieło przez duże "D". Owszem, da się znaleźć wady tej książki, ale jak mało kiedy czułem tutaj, że chcę to czytać i napawać się każdym słowem. Niby nie jestem fanem fantastyki naukowej, zwłaszcza, kiedy istnieje szansa, że jest "ambitna i filozoficzna", ale mam wrażenie, że autor wyczuł tutaj idealny balans pomiędzy pewnym przekazem, a po prostu ciekawą historią i w dodatku przybliżeniem nauki. Polecam gorąco.

    Pełna opinia:


    Zenek73 , avatar

    @SceNtriC @ksiazki ja o ile pamiętam odpadłem parę lat temu. Chyba za hard dla mnie było. Może wrócę

    SceNtriC OP , avatar

    @Zenek73 Fakt, że to, że się ją dobrze czyta, nie oznacza, że jest lekka. I faktycznie ten wątek naukowy przewija się przez całą powieść, natomiast w drugiej połowie jest już zdecydowanie więcej fantastyki. @ksiazki

    ChrisMayLA6 , to bookstodon avatar

    Good morning booklovers,

    if you, like me, have bookshelves stuffed with around your house, then Eva Wiseman has got news for you... they signify more about your life & the society we live in than you thought.

    'bookshelf wealth' (a new design trend), is not the innocent amassing of things to read, we may have thought...


    riggbeck , avatar

    @TerryBTwo @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon

    A house or a flat with no books has no soul. If it also has 'Eat Laugh Love' on the wall then it's positively satanic.

    SkipHuffman , avatar

    @jna @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon that would be like owning decorative cookies!

    Tim_McTuffty , to actuallyautistic avatar

    Diary of an ASD Squirrel. Day 120 , Sunday 25/02/2024

    TL:DR Sunday & the long , dark teatime of the soul!

    Ach I’m not brave enough to say what I wanted to say, so we’ll go with the usual.

    Up at 6 initially, chatted with CDP 🧚‍♀️ for a little while then dozed off till 8.

    Had a nice NMS co-op session with my bestie which cheered up an otherwise banal day.

    Spent the afternoon watching ‘Payback ‘ (the tv series as opposed to the movie) , I really wish I had the energy & motivation to do more, I feel like such a lazy git !

    I desperately want a takeaway for my tea, but I am also well aware of my weight issues & recent lack of exercise so I will try my hardest to keep to a more healthy diet & resist the temptation !
    Ended up compromising and making an emergency stew from a tin of stewing steak, a tin of mushrooms & some sweetcorn. It was ok with a bread roll. Hell knows how many killer calories there were .

    Final Thoughts.

    How do you like your squirrel - lightly roasted ?

    I hope to try & get out for a walk tomorrow if the weather is nice 🤞

    Thank you to all those who are helping me on this journey, in a myriad different ways. I am thankful to each & every one of you! 🫂 🫶🐿️🖖

    #TimsASDjourney #ActuallyAutistic #TheMammutMoves

    DoubleTreble , avatar

    @Tim_McTuffty @actuallyautistic
    Sending you lots of love, sounds like today has been one of those days when you need a hug 🫂🫂

    Butterfly Yellow Rose GIF

    thepoliticalcat , avatar

    @Tim_McTuffty @actuallyautistic I, too, am trying to force myself to get at least a daily walk in, if not more. I hope you are inspired to begin exercising and changing your diet. It takes an awful long time. I've been doing this for ~20 years. With intermittent success. Good luck!

    otl , to selfhosted avatar

    Another successful OpenBSD setup

    I've been buying these little boxes from AliExpress for years to use as firewalls and routers. My oldest one is almost 9 years old now! OpenBSD installs just fine. Just a BIOS tweak to always boot up after power is restored.

    @selfhosted #selfhosting #selfhosted #openbsd #runbsd

    possiblylinux127 , avatar

    I run OpenWRT and it works pretty well. The only potential issue is the updates but if you have a plan it isn't a problem.

    Maybe I'm missing out but from my perspective it is way cheaper to buy a off the shelf router with OpenWRT that can handle gigabit speeds than it is is to build/buy a entire computer that pulls way more power and is several times the cost.

    Link ,

    Doesn’t look like it but if I get up VLANs unless an user is on the correct VLAN they can’t access the web interface. And the only way for them to get access is to get physical access and plug a device into the correct port.

    evanpeterjones , to bookstodon avatar

    Curious how Mastodon reads compared to the YouGov poll of the US population below

    How many Books did you read last year?


    jacksontom , avatar

    @evanpeterjones @bookstodon Apparently I am not allowed to say about 50 a year. Weird poll.

    readfreely Bot , avatar
    flawed , to palestine avatar

    What would you call a society this genocidal whose blood thirst is still at this, after massacring 30,000 Palestinians & still continue to massacre them?

    Most protests we hear about removing Nethanyahu are largely about internal power struggle, but not against genocide itself.

    @palestine #palestine #israel #gaza

    Lassielmr , avatar

    @flawed @palestine I’d probably arrested if I said what I really think

    Gandi2099 , avatar
    slevelt , to vinylrecords avatar
    slevelt OP , avatar

    @VCP @vinylrecords right!!! that song is quite possibly my favourite Pete Rock production ever.

    slevelt OP , avatar

    @VCP @vinylrecords (oh and also “look ma no shoelaces” my favourite CL Smooth verse 😂)

    BigAngBlack , to blackmastodon avatar
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    @BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon Nice, should worry a few ‘upstanding’ church folks.

    bageera , avatar

    @BigAngBlack @blackmastodon @BlackMastodon

    Personally, I'm indifferent to woke. I understand it as a dog whistle and almost a means to infiltrate and destroy affirmative action.

    matsafi , to ksiazki Polish avatar

    Chciałbym sprawdzić czy wkręcę się w 🙂
    Gdybyście mieli coś polecić z gatunku horror / thriller, to jaka byłaby to manga? Od czego najlepiej zacząć? 🤔 @ksiazki @bookstodon


    szkodnix ,

    @matsafi @ksiazki @bookstodon O kurde, nie moje podgatunki 😕 Ja gustuję w komediach, slice of life, isekaiach lub fantasy.

    Z takich klasyków może Attack on Titan, ale nie mam pojęcia, jaka jest manga.

    SteveSilent , avatar

    @matsafi @ksiazki @bookstodon the manga Pluto

    BrauchC , to random

    Nächster Terminin

    02.03.2024 15:00 16:30

    Für ein buntes Lichterfelde
    Nie wieder ist Jetzt!
    12203 Ludwig-Beck-Platz

    goldenassam , to histodons avatar

    I was thinking today about an experience I had about 25 years ago, which some might know something about and which might be of interest to others. I grew up in Pforzheim, a town in Southern Germany that was destroyed in an air raid in 1945. (1/🧵)

    @histodons @histodon @tag-histodons

    werner_habel , avatar

    @goldenassam @histodons @histodon @tag-histodons

    Given how many "impossible" things became possible in and around the german "Volkssturm" initiative towards the end of the war, I guess this in particular is also completely in the realm of possible, without having any factual proof myself.
    For more context see also

    mschfr , avatar

    @werner_habel @goldenassam @histodons @histodon @tag-histodons There were some female pilots - look up Hanna Reitsch, Beate Uhse (don't do this at work or in public ;) ) or Melitta Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg.

    You also should take a look into this book, which should answer your question. The reviews are mentioning that female pilots were used at the end of the war

    deliberately_me , to blackmastodon avatar

    ▶️ good morning once again and welcome to this week's edition of my music thread! please give me a bit to compile the first few songs i'm gonna post—get comfy and get iiiiiinnnnnnnnn~ 🧵👇🏾

    @BlackMastodon @blackmastodon

    Vibing Cecil Womack GIF

    deliberately_me OP , avatar
    ReverendMoose , avatar

    @deliberately_me @BlackMastodon @blackmastodon this is one of the first CDs I owned and this is my favorite track on the record.

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