antsu ,

Cool. Time to get ready for another round of broken extensions.

okamiueru ,

Gnome is weird. A dusted off a laptop that has Gnome 40, and it felt better. Nautilus didn't have broken folder trees that don't refresh, and workspaces were vertical so that movement travel is shorter (much more so on ultrawide monitors).

MoreCoffee , avatar

Another release and no vrr, big surprise.

femboy_bird , avatar

Man if only all the other DEs had already found a solution for vrr on wayland

rotopenguin , avatar

In my experience, gnome-shell already has a highly variable refresh rate. Sometimes it'll go 2-5 frames without refreshing at all.

umbrella ,

this is an nvidia exclusive feature atm.

maybe thats why the rest of us want it still.

Vincent ,

The only reason appears to be that it wasn't completed in time, since:

On the other hand, Mutter 46 beta adds more preparations for upcoming variable refresh rate support

atmur ,

VRR development has actually sped up massively with that huge tech fund investment in Gnome a couple months ago, but it just missed the window to be merged in Gnome 46. It will be in 47 instead.

Unyieldingly ,

Should be fully ready next release.

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