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Desert Banksia, Little Desert NP, Victoria, AU (

This plant that is endemic to SE continental Australia, was named by Baron Sir Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von Mueller, the first director of the Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne. The genus Banksia is named after Joseph Banks, a naturalist who was on Cook’s first Pacific voyage in the 1770s. Its binomial name is b.ornata....

Collecting and Cultivating Native Plant Seeds with Paul Heydon - YouTube (

Paul Heydon is the horticulturalist for Grow Wild!, a native plant nursery in Omemee, Ontario. In this webinar he discusses seed collection and examination, dormancy requirements, storage, and growing out the seeds you’ve collected. If you’re looking to grow more of the natives in your region, this is a great primer for...

WADE 2020 Riparian Restoration - Low Tech Process Based Restoration & Bioengineering with Reid Camp - YouTube (

This was an interesting presentation covering use cases for various water slowing techniques like BDA’s (Beaver Dam Analogues) and PALS (Post Assisted Log Structures), along with recommendations for implementation. There were also some fantastic slides showing some of the patterns that emerge in streams and rivers as they move...

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