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HMD is making a Barbie flip phone alongside a smartphone for tinkerers (

Away from branding announcements, HMD had a couple of more product-focused initiatives to announce. The most interesting of these is HMD Fusion, a new smartphone-style device that HMD is pitching as a DIY platform for tinkerers. Like Moto Mods, but you have to make and program your own accessories....

Is there any way to root and unlock the bootloader on a U.S S21 Ultra?

I'm going to repurpose my S21 since I just got a new phone that could be rooted and have the boot loader unlocked. However, I've told that the U.S variant of the S21 (Snapdragon 888) can't be rooted and have the boot loader unlocked. Is this true and I'm simply chasing a pipedream? Or can it actually be done?

Recommendations for foss video editor?

Hiya, just switched to GrapheneOS and am beyond happy with it, surpassed all my expectations. However I am on the hunt for a simple video editing app. AFAIK, Fossify gallery app doesn't let you edit videos, nor does the default one by Graphene, at least when I try, there is a message that says something a long the lines like...

Standalone Google Pay app in the U.S. is going to be shut down on June 4th, 2024

We are writing to inform you about changes to your Google Pay experience. As we continue to provide safe and seamless payments to users around the world, we are also simplifying the app experience in the U.S. For years, Google Wallet has been the primary place to securely store payment cards used for tap and pay in stores,...

What's a good phone now that doesn't force ads on me?

I'm using a Pixel 6 Pro right now, and I'm looking around to see if there are any good phones. However, I have heard that there are ads in the newer flagship phones (Samsung, Xiaomi). I am willing to spend around USD$750 on a new phone, but I just don't want any crazy ads or preinstalled apps like Facebook. Are there phones that...

Transfer files from phone with broken screen possible?

Hi there, I've had a broken phone lying around for ages, only kept it as I know there are some pictures and files I wish I could gain access to again. I've tried a variety of methods gaining access to the files, but it doesn't seem possible as I cannot actually use the screen to "allow usb transfer" etc.. Is there any methods I...

are standalone android auto sticks still available?

When android auto first came out i remember that on the market appeared android sticks that were meant to expand the functionality of android auto. They where like the android auto wireless adaptors that are around nowdays but where a standalone android device that used a phone's hotspot for an internet connection....

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