MirrorAyako ,
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Has Bashir been taken over by a changling yet? Or is it still too early?


Richard ,
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@MirrorAyako @allstartrek They only say he was abducted when going to a conference (again), but they never narrow down an exact time. Still, I believe this is still too early.

Richard ,
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@MirrorAyako @allstartrek Martok would have been taken by this point, but I do believe Martok was taken much earlier.

MirrorAyako OP ,
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@Richard @allstartrek

A couple of times in this episode Bashir was acting a little weird. 😂

HippieScubaSteve ,
@HippieScubaSteve@mindly.social avatar

@MirrorAyako @allstartrek As I recall, I think it hasn't happened yet.

MirrorAyako OP ,
@MirrorAyako@universeodon.com avatar

@HippieScubaSteve @allstartrek

I asked because Bashir was acting a little sketchy. 😂

petertrek1 ,
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@MirrorAyako @HippieScubaSteve @allstartrek

I think he was replaced later, in early Season 5.

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