[Solved] Problems connecting WiiMote via Bluetooth in Linux Mint

I'm trying to connect my Wiimote via Bluetooth to a new Minisforum UM690S running Linux Mint 21.3. I'm using this post from the ArchWiki as a reference, and I am fully able to do this successfully on my laptop (running Tuxedo OS 2) and another mini-PC running Pop_OS!...

Setting up a new Debian Docker Swarm

After seeing someone else posting their struggles with getting Docker running on their system, I thought I might share my process for setting up new Docker nodes. I don't make any representations about my way being the right way, or the best way, but this way has been working for me. I have been playing around with a swarm, but...

Beginner questions about ZFS and how to use my drives.

Hello, I currently have a home server mainly for media, in which I have an SSD for the system and 2 6TB hard drives set up in raid 1 using mdadm, its the most I can fit in the case. I have been getting interested in ZFS and wanting to expand my storage since it's getting pretty full. I have 2 12TB external hard drives. My...

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