My experience using Fedora Atomic (Budgie) for a month or two. (

I would just like to preface this. This is the first blog post I've ever written, so please please please give me feedback if you can. I also didn't intend on it being here on Lemmy, but Hugo is quite a complex tool that'll take some time for me to understand. Webdev is not my cup of tea....

Setting up a new Debian Docker Swarm

After seeing someone else posting their struggles with getting Docker running on their system, I thought I might share my process for setting up new Docker nodes. I don't make any representations about my way being the right way, or the best way, but this way has been working for me. I have been playing around with a swarm, but...

Reddit Is Letting Power Users In on Its IPO. Not Everyone’s Buying (

Reddit Is Letting Power Users In on Its IPO. Not Everyone’s Buying::Reddit says it wants to reward users by letting them buy into the company’s public listing. Some say it’s too risky—others say they won’t pay a company they’ve already given hours of free labor to.

HMD is making a Barbie flip phone alongside a smartphone for tinkerers (

Away from branding announcements, HMD had a couple of more product-focused initiatives to announce. The most interesting of these is HMD Fusion, a new smartphone-style device that HMD is pitching as a DIY platform for tinkerers. Like Moto Mods, but you have to make and program your own accessories....

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